Hydration and sleep are two of the most important aspects of your health. Hemp FX™ Hydration™ – Sleep helps you get both with organic, full spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol and the soothing benefits of melatonin in a natural chamomile and black tea flavored tablet.

Key Ingredients:

25 mg of Organic, Full Spectrum Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol: the primary ingredient in Hemp FX™ Hydration™ – Pure and Sleep, hemp-derived cannabidiol delivers many health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and antipsychotic qualities.

10 mg of Melatonin: a key ingredient in Hemp FX™ Hydration™ – Sleep, when combined with the soothing benefits of hemp-derived cannabidiol, it helps to relax the mind and body and support all-natural sleep.

The Hemp FX™ Hydration™ system allows you to enhance tap water whenever, wherever. Just insert 1 Hemp FX™ Hydration™ tablet into the filter chamber of your Hemp FX™ Hydration™ bottle. Fill your bottle with tap water. As you drink, the tablet will dissolve.

Hempfx Hydration Sleep